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Since working with Gianluca Leone they have met and surpassed by far my expectations of working with beyond pro financial traders. They took enough time with me to really know about my knowledge and skills which changed so much since then because now I can say without fears "Finally I know how the markets move and who's behind it" and how to beat the market successfully, which is the best part of.

Ralph, Ohio
Gianluca Leone is my angel and the Rockstar of Trading. After having some problems and losses, basically all my savings literally, I was trying to recover my money but having losses every single day, so I was so afraid every time I had to click on trades, even though I had to do it because I wanted to recover my money as soon as possible, so I started doing some stupid things like opening trades for both sides, maybe because I was desperate. One day my husband found me in the bathroom crying, that was the time I took to decide to not trade anymore. But he wanted to do something. He told the story to his friend who was trying to trade online, and he told to my husband he knew about a very successful trader in Florida and was coaching some traders online. When he went to the website thought the price was too high for us considering we lost a lot of money, but my husband emailed to him explaining our case and like an angel, my angel, he accepted the half of price. I took the full course with Gianluca and as soon as we moved to the chart in the live trading sessions, I realized how markets ticks and who are doing so. I can tell you now, after 7 months trading with this method I recover more than $17,000 and I'm currently positive over $4,835 considering I started with a $1,000 dollar account. Am I happy? Of course, I am... seven months ago I thought to kill myself. Thank you now and ever, Gianlu!  

Abigail, Montana
I used to trade based on Jim Cramer's Ideas thinking I'd gain some extra money, so CNBC was my favorite channel for those days until I took big losses because the ideas didn't work. Well, as soon losses came after losses I tried to find a mentor or a real trader who can really help with my account. To be honest, here's the problem with internet and people who teach trading online because I didn't find any who can really help me with my account, and that pissed me off 'cause if they are so good, why they can't help me? I found creamlivetrading.com where my first impression wasn't the best one, because they got a very basic website, but as soon as I saw the ideas made by Gianluca hitting all the targets, more than 90% in fact, it caught my attention, I mean how that's possible, and with a very long time before, that really intrigued me, so I bought the full course and my life changed completely. Now, I know how to beat the market and I don't need to listen again to Cramer nor "the experts on TV", well, except Gianluca's weekly ideas.

Joe, California
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